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Featured Office Special: 1 Hour Therapeutic Massage - $59.95

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For beginning of the week "stress" and "I made it out alive" Thursdays!

Mental Health Mondays & Thursdays Mobile Massages - $79

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About The Founder

our founder

Born and raised in Miami, FL with a great passion and ambition to make people lives better when it comes to their health. I decided to become a licensed massage therapist in 2017. I was able to see the miraculous practice of massage therapy while in massage school when I overcome the pressure of lower back (kidney) sensitivity. With regular massages and a diet adjustment, I went deeper into health and wellness and decided to get Miracles in Motion Massage and Wellness Therapy up and rolling.

More About The Founder

our founder

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About The Company

Founded in 2018, with only one licensed massage therapist the mobile massage company ran from Fort Lauderdale to Homestead, FL serving over 300 clients. Hundreds of techniques were used to perform a therapeutic massage from delicate to firm, deep tissue massage, hot stones therapy, sculpting therapy, wood therapy, reflexology while incorporating hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Since the pandemic, I have notice the strain it has put on couples financially and mentally so Miracles in Motion Massage and Wellness Therapy found a way to turn your home into a mini spa and teach couples how to give each other a massage and warm up the place with specialized products to reduce the stress.


  • My neck and shoulder pains were so much better after the therapeutic massage I received from Miracles in Motion. Chantale was gentle yet very thorough in reaching the muscles that really needed it. Thank you so much, I will certainly recommend you to others

    - Lillian Mends

  • It was a wonderful massage. She really focused on the areas where I said I was hurting the most. the mobile massage was so convenient

    - Kirk Herwig

  • Chantel was excellent I could literally feel the stress leaving my body. Thank you Chantel for such great service!

    - Camelon Lamb

  • I have had massages at my house several times for my wife and I.. simply the best.. strong deep massages and she listens to where you need the most help.... My wife actually had a massage party with 6 + of her girl friends and of course wine and food.... it was great....

    - Jay Bankemper

  • I'm not going to lie Shantel was good punctual got here on time told me and described what she was going to do and did it the way she sd oh man the hot Stones were perfect and that deep tissue massage she was able to reach the muscle that was hurting me touching it rubbing it I couldn't feel the muscle she put her elbow into it you know that point to where it hurts and feel good that the same time she is able to bring you there

    - Wib Bell

  • I really enjoy the massages. I stand up all day so it really helps with the circulation

    - Ebony T. Sparks

  • The best massage I ever had

    - Gary Haughton

  • Loved the entire massage. My favorite parts were neck, face and foot massage. Priceless. Thank you

    - A Lady

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A massage cultivates an environment of endearment, pleasure and trust through a secondary form of ...


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