Miracles in Motion Massage & Wellness Therapy

Miracles in Motion Massage & Wellness Therapy

About Miracles In Motion Massage And Wellness Therapy

Founded in 2018, with only one licensed massage therapist the mobile massage company ran from Fort Lauderdale to Homestead, FL serving over 300 clients. Hundreds of techniques were used to perform a therapeutic massage from delicate to firm, deep tissue massage, hot stones therapy, sculpting therapy, wood therapy, reflexology while incorporating hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Since the pandemic, I have notice the strain it has put on couples financially and mentally so Miracles in Motion Massage and Wellness Therapy found a way to turn your home into a mini spa and teach couples how to give each other a massage and warm up the place with specialized products to reduce the stress.

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8429 Sheridan Street, Unit 2005
Hollywood, FL 33024

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