The Benefits of Giving Your Love One A Massage

A massage cultivates an environment of endearment, pleasure and trust through a secondary form of communication. It boosts the confidence of the giver and receiver by helping release the “happy hormones.” These “happy hormones” are:

  • Dopamine:  the brain reward's center.
  • Serotonin: helps regulate your mood.
  • Oxytocin: associated with love and bonding.
  • Endorphins: the body natural pain relievers.

(Crystal Ray.pole Sept 2019)

When touching your loved one you both feel a sense of welcoming warmth. You just may never want to leave the house again! Passion rises, love grows, and hearts combine bringing your relationship to a new level of intensity. This will not only affect your partnership on a spiritual/mental level but on a health standpoint as well. Massages enable you to meditate mindfully, improve blood circulation, increase energy levels, relax the mind, sustains hormonal balance which can lead to a better quality of sleep, improve menstrual cycles and menopausal changes and improved blood circulation. It is equivalent to dancing.

Performing a massage should be done with grace, with pride and smooth. The technique of effleurage is like ballroom dancing. Your hands flow feeling and scaling your partner’s physique like a dancer scales the dance floor continuously. This particular style massage can be performed at the beginning, middle or the end of the massage.

The petrissage is equivalent to doing the tango. It feels good receiving as it does giving. Like the tango it takes a bit more effort than gliding across the dance floor. This move is best done after effleurage is performed to relax the area. Using both hands, you have to occupy a large area like the back, the upper arms and the legs.

The hand technique, racking, is like listening to the Isley Brothers “For the Love of You” while sweeping the floor or racking up leaves. You have to go over the area again and again and again to pick up everything and smooth it out (or clean the area). Racking is done best across the spine, on the hands and feet. It gets between those skinny bones.

Stretching is what you do after you have danced too much. It can prevent a cramp or stop a cramps or spasm. Stretching can also decrease the pain of a trigger point or increase the blood flow to a sensitive area. Sensitive areas can anywhere on the body. However, the lower back is most common where the kidneys. If you are not into stretching I highly suggest increasing your water intake but your electrolyte intake as well. There are a good dose of electrolytes in coconut water, sport drinks, lemon water with no added sugar, avocados and bananas can get the adequate amount into a healthy person’s muscles to prevent cramps and spasms.

Tapotement is equivalent to performing light tap dancing like soft rain drops. It works like magic especially when performed on the face. If you brush your partner’s canvas too hard and cause a pain a little tapotement over the area will decrease or take away the discomfort.

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